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“Loretta’s tenacity, creativity, and affability make things happen. She sees the big picture while not losing track of the necessary details to turn good ideas into great successes”

Michael Flaherty
President Walden Media

“Our feature film release placed us in the middle of a media spotlight in the fall of 2006. Loretta’s guidance and training prepared us for every interview and question we encountered. She has our highest recommendation as an advisor in communication!”

“Loretta Cooper raised the level of our effectiveness as we faced a wide variety of media interviews for our feature film release. Her expert training and counsel prepared us for every scenario!”

“Loretta helped us polish our message to every media outlet! Her training in communication was exceptional!”

Alex Kendrick
Director of Facing the Giants
Sherwood Pictures

When Sherwood Pictures’ new movie Facing the Giants was ramping up to premiere in theaters, we were overwhelmed by a flood of interview opportunities from national television, radio, and print media. One of the best moves we made in our response was to incorporate media training with Loretta Cooper. Her strategic partnership was priceless to equipping our team beforehand to handle the potentially tough interviews with confidence and clarity. When Fox News, CNN Headline News, Hannity and Combs, Good Morning America, and the Today show called - we were ready.

Stephen Kendrick
Producer of Facing the Giants
Sherwood Pictures

"Loretta's a smart package of been there and today's news, and she makes it snap for us. She's lived media work from the inside and makes it her business to know her audiences; so we know our clients get spot-on counsel from someone who gets them."

Lovell-Fairchild Communications