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Media Training

The purpose of media training is more than just rehearsing talking points and looking at the right camera. Clarity Communications can teach you how to create conditions for optimum performance. We believe preparation and practice are the keys to a seemingly spontaneous performance. Finding the right words is empowering. It generates confidence to speak persuasively, whether you are speaking to cameras, a gaggle of reporters, or a room full of journalists. That kind of clarity not only wins over skeptics, itís also infectious.

Strategic Public Relations Consulting

How you maintain and promote your public image has never been more important or more challenging. That effort should be overseen by professionals who appreciate the dynamics of public opinion, and who understand the inner workings of news organizations. At Clarity Communications we know how to generate positive news coverage. Having spent two decades reporting for network and major market news organizations we know what drives coverage, and how to direct it.

Crisis Communications Management

When a crisis strikes your reputation is on the line. Problems are inevitable. How you manage them will set you apart from the others. The key to effective crisis communications management is advance planning. Having a well defined strategic plan in place enables you to be in command of the flow of information, influence the direction of news coverage and recover your reputation. Clarity Communications can help you define these variables in advance of an event, and manage the news media when problems arise.

Speech Writing and Magazine and Website Content

The market place of ideas is more competitive than ever. How do you make sure that your ideas and your message are heard above the din and confusion of all that noise? By communicating with phrases that are unmistakably powerful and persuasive. It is not magic. It requires preparation. It means carefully organizing and distilling your thoughts. At Clarity Communications we know that nothing is more persuasive than a cogent, well organized thought wrapped in unambiguous words. We can help you achieve that kind of precision in your communications.

Executive Presentation Coaching

People remember about 10 percent of what you say. How you deliver that presentation is what will make your ideas powerful and memorable. Good communicators not only understand their material, but they also understand the needs and interest of their audience. Effective communication requires a high level of comfort and ease in front of your audience. One on one executive coaching can help you to achieve that confidence. If your success requires the ability to influence others to adopt your perspective then carefully planned, exceptional execution is an absolute necessity.

Voice over coaching

Your voice is one of your most powerful tools. It is individual. It is expressive. It is versatile. Clarity Communications can teach you how to deliver copy in a warm and engaging style. How to master comfortable timing and phrasing; develop ease and confidence in front of the microphone and find the Ďmusicí in your own voice.