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Clarity is the key to speaking with authority.
The market place of ideas is more competitive and chaotic than ever.
The best communicators know how to bring clarity into the midst of all that noise and chaos.

At Clarity Media Coaching we do more than just help you polish your television presentation; we help you craft your message to make it unmistakably powerful and persuasive.

Our clients know the purpose of media training is more than just rehearsing talking points and looking at the right camera. We will teach you to create the conditions for optimum performance. We believe preparation and practice are the keys to dynamic and seemingly spontaneous execution.

Speaking your thoughts takes them off the assembly line of ideas and makes them tangible. Your best ideas deserve your best presentation. That means you need to get clarity!

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Loretta and ABC News

Loretta Cooper is a veteran of network television news. As a Washington based correspondent for ABC News she spent more than a decade covering the White House, Capitol Hill and the Courts. Today she uses that real world experience to help her clients navigate the media maze. Watch Video